Limited Edition 0-100 x FLYING Boxing Speed Glove (10, 12, 14oz)

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Limited Edition 0-100 x FLYING Boxing Speed Glove (10, 12, 14oz) (multiple colour options)

Take your fitness levels from 0-100 with our limited edition 0-100 Sport and Fitness x FLYING boxing speed glove. Designed and made to optimise speed, performance, protection and comfort for the hands and wrists, while boasting great breathability to stay cool. Made from quality PU leather for ultimate long lasting durability, triple density foam core for extra protection and shock absorption for the hand, lining for added comfort with an adjustable velcro strap.

Pair these gloves with our Target Training Pads and train with a partner to add an extra explosive dimension to your workouts, increasing speed, fitness, power, accuracy and muscular endurance.


  • Limited edition
  • Available in; triple black, black and gold, white, white and pink, red and turquoise
  • Made of high quality PU leather for wear-resistant and durable long term use
  • Triple-density foam core for added comfort, protection and shock absorption
  • Lining for added comfort
  • Hook & loop design to effectively protect the wrist
  • Adjustable velcro strap to tighten or loosen on wrist 
  • Designed with ventilation holes to keep hands cool and dry. 
  • Suitable for Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Thai boxing, Taekwondo, Sandbag training, Sparring or general bag work
  • Sizes/weights 10,12,14oz available
  • Contact us for additional information or to choose the perfect weight/size of glove for you